• Jesus is For You!

    Walk in joy knowing that the One who can forgive you has, and share the good news with another!

    Jesus is For You!
  • Give Reason For Hope

    Be ready to answer questions about your hope and faith. Enroll in an apologetics course next module.

    Give Reason For Hope
  • Enroll at CCU Today

    We are here to help you fulfill God’s call on your life through higher education. We are thrilled YOU have found us! We pray for every student and ask the Lord to guide each person to CCU in His timing and for His purposes. There are many wonderful adventures in the Lord ahead of you… Continue Reading

    Enroll at CCU Today
  • Welcome to CCU

    Whatever God has for you, we are here to help. Calvary Chapel University  is a unique program distinct from other Calvary Chapel colleges. It is not in competition with the Bible College, the School of Ministry, School of Evangelism, or Veritas Seminary.  In fact, CCU compliments what those other educational institutions offer. The goal of CCU… Continue Reading

    Welcome to CCU